BOTV101 - Plant cell biology

  • Syllabus: Plant cytology, genetics, biotechnology and cell metabolism.
  • Lecturer: Dr D R du Preez
  • Examination period: June

BOTV111 - Plant structure

  • Syllabus: Plant tissues, anatomy, morphology and the structure of flowers.
  • Lecturer: Ms Penny Lithauer
  • Examination period: June

BOTV102 - Plant evolution and systematics

  • Syllabus: Evolution and an introduction to plant systematics including life histories.
  • Lecturer: Prof E E Campbell
  • Examination period: November

BOTV112 - Plant ecology and environmental botany

  • Syllabus: Ecological principles; toxicology; ethnobotany and environmental management.
  • Lecturer: Prof J B Adams
  • Examination period: November